V2G - Vehicle2Grid

    Project name: V2G - Vehicle2Grid

    Description: The research project in cooperation with the company Magnum-Cap intends to develop the high efficiency bidirectional charging technologies, using wideband semiconductor technology SiC. The methodologies for the implementation of Grid to Vehicle and Vehicle to Grid systems, as well as their potential benefits for the grid in a scenario with large-scale penetration of renewable generation will also be investigated. The transport sector with electric vehicles (EVs) is increasingly an important consumer of electricity, and as fleets increase EVs can be used as controllable loads, charging in periods with higher renewable generation or lower prices, using the Grid to Vehicle (G2V) system. In addition to absorbing power from the grid as a controllable load, vehicles can also use some of their storage capacity to inject energy into the grid, in order to ensure the balance between the generation and demand, using the Vehicle to Grid (V2G) system. The EV when not in use in the transport only needs to be immobilized on a point of transfer of energy and to allow (or not) the G2V or V2G operation, by pre-programmed indication of its owner. However, to provide benefits for the electrical grid, a charging management system is needed.

    PI: Aníbal Traça de Almeida

    Reference: V2G Demo

    Budget: 200.000€

    Partners: ISR-UC, Magnum Cap

    Duration of the action: 2018-06-01 - 2019-12-31

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