Dissemination Activities

RobotCraft (robotcraft.ingeniarius.pt) is organized by Ingeniarius, a company that develops intelligent systems and robotic solutions, in collaboration with the Institute of Systems and Robotics from University of Coimbra (ISR-UC), as an international collective internship with a summer programme in robotics for higher education students. The participants attending this two-month programme have the opportunity to work in robotics within a non-academic setting, focusing on several state-of-the-art approaches and technologies. The programme, which concluded its third edition in the summer of 2018, provides a general overview of the science and art behind robotics, teaching the basis around computer-aided design (CAD), mechatronics, Arduino low-level programming, Robot Operating System (ROS) high-level design, and artificial intelligence. As a collective internship conceived to provide a unique hands-on experience in the full design cycle of a mobile robotic platform, RobotCraft is divided into multiple training modules, or crafts, including one purely theoretical craft (Introduction to Robotics), five technical crafts (Computer-aided design, Mechatronics, Arduino low-level programming, ROS high-level programming and Artificial Intelligence), and one experimental craft (Competition). This training is mainly fostered by the Ingeniarius, which receives important contributions from ISR-UC and other universities to introduce the theoretical component of every craft. This academic contribution intends to balance the technical skills promoted during the other crafts, with keynote presentations from invited speakers brought every week.

The Institute of Systems and Robotics - Coimbra, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Coimbra and the NEEEC/AAC -  Students of Electrical and Computer Enginnering of the University of Coimbra will jointly organize a participation European Robotics Week event named "Robotics in Our Lives @ DEEC.

This organization includes seminars, visits to the Institute of Systems and Robotics Laboratories and a workshops. From the 19th to the 23rd the activities will be focused on the university students and on the 24th (Saturday) for general public.

For more information check the program at the NEEEC/ERW page.



Bot Olympics is the Coimbra University biggest robotics competition, co-organized both by NEEEC/AAC and Clube de Robótica (CR), with the support Institute of Systems and Robotics, and Coimbra University.
It is an event that brings together students from all engineering areas and high school students as well, to compete in an environment where the learning process, the team spirit and the problems solving skills are crucial to achieve the final goal. Bot Olympics also provide a strong formative component to the participants through intensive workshops in coding, robotics and Arduino tutorials, which are essential to the competition, but overall, to the consolidation of electrical engineering knowledge.
This competition is used, as a second goal, to get people from "outside" to know what really Electrical Engineering and Computers is about.
In the past edition of February 2018, we proudly received 70 registrations, counting with 7 secondary schools from different districts and Coimbra University students from 5 different courses.


Our Mission

-Create an healthy environment, propitious to interaction between participants in order to strengthen up the team spirit of the event.
-Endow the participants with the tools (robotics, coding skills, Arduino knowing) they need to achieve the competition primary goal.
-Provide a rich experience in the process.