Premium Light Pro

    Project name: Premium Light Pro

    Description: Innovative LED lighting technology for the private and public service sector provides many opportunities for more efficient high quality lighting systems. Modern LED solutions are based on optimised luminaires and advanced flexible lighting control and allow a more effective use of daylight. Despite the significant saving potentials, there are still relatively few policy measures implemented at international and national level that stimulate respectively facilitate the use of optimised LED lighting systems. LED lighting for the service sector is only partly supported by current EU legislation, however further developments are ongoing. At national level in the different EU-Member States good pilot initiatives for efficient LED-systems in the services sector already have been implemented. However, the number of implementations is still limited and a broad market penetration has not yet been achieved. National and local policies supporting efficient LED technology are largely missing. The project PremiumLightPro aims at addressing the major saving potentials by supporting public authorities in the development of effective policies to facilitate the implementation of efficient new generation LED lighting systems in the service sector. The project shall support the implementation of policies including green procurement criteria and design guidelines for the planning and installation of both for outdoor and indoor lighting systems, education and capacity building for planners, architects, installers and consultants, incentives schemes, contracting, information services including product database and others. Furthermore, the project will support energy efficient lighting in the national implementation of the EPBD and the development and implementation of supportive legislation at EU-level. The proposal thereby explicitly targets the central objectives of EE9 of the call for proposals. The initiative is supported by more than 50 major stakeholders in 9 EU countries.

    PI: Aníbal Traça de Almeida

    Reference: ref. 695931


    Partners: Austrian Energy Agency, SEVEn, Energy piano, co2online, Energy Department of Politecnico di Milano, Polish Foundation for Energy Efficiency (FEWE), ISR-University of Coimbra, Ecoserveis, Energy Saving Trust

    Duration of the action: 2016-04-01 - 2019-09-30

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