Computer Vision and Robot Perception  

 The Computer Vision and Robot Perception group deals with a subset of scientific problems that are usually classified as being part of computer vision (as a scientific discipline that deals with extracting information from images) as well as robot perception (which encompasses additional sensing modalities). This group has existed since the inception of ISR—University of Coimbra, and has gradually expanded the range of topics that has been studying.

From the scientific standpoint the main issues we are currently dealing with are:

  • - Geometric computer vision including camera calibration, pose estimation, 3D reconstruction, radial distortion modeling;
  • - Camera models;
  • - Application of differentiable manifolds to computer vision problems such as image segmentation, tracking, object recognition and learning; 
  • - Segmentation and tracking;
  • - Classification and Clustering;
  • - Estimation and optimization applied to computer vision problems;
  • - Application of a Bayesian framework to multimodality sensing, adaptive decision, and action/actuation in robotic systems;
  • - 3D shape analysis under a Riemannian framework;
  • - Spatiotemporal analysis of human facial/bodily signals;



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